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image of article: Bernice Vincent: Time and Travels Museum London, as it appeared in C magazine.

Bernice Vincent: Time and Travels
Museum London, Review

C Magazine, Exhibition Review, Winter 2014

image of the cover of Beyond Mythmaking (Re)viewing the Work of Bernice Vincent. The cover shows a close up of "From the Roadside" painting by Vincent. The painting is a highly textured landscape showing a clouded blue and white sky over a golden wheat field with a line of scrub trees in the background and roadside grasses in the foreground. At the bottom of the image is a rust-brown horizontal panel containing the title of the book in white sans serif type.

Beyond Mythmaking
Catalogue excerpt with Curatorial Statement by Janice Andreae

The London Regional Art and Historical Museum, 1994

Scan of an article titled "Making art from the ordinary" from the London Free Press, September 22, 1994 by Joe Matyas. Bernice Vincent has applied her formidable talent to the everyday items in her home, garden and city.

Making Art From the Ordinary
by Joe Matyas
London Free Press, Sept 22, 1994

Review of Beyond Mythmaking at The London Regional Art and Historical Museum

All Around Me… All Around You
University of Manitoba Exhibition Catalogue

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Audio and Video (Talks)

Bernice Vincent also gave a number of talks throughout her life about art making and the artistic community of London.
This is not a comprehensive collection. More will be added as it’s available.

Reflections on London Regionalism (Video) – Museum London

Video plays here.

Penn Kemp Interview with Bernice Vincent (Audio)

image of the painting "14 Women" by Bernice Vincent, a mixed media painting on a textured background of gessoed roadside grasses. the painting shows 14 female figures like a filmstrip. the women are each holding a different engineering tool. the painting is mostly in greens so the women almost look like they're emerging from the earth.

“Memory Keepers” (23 Nov, 2009)

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FCG Founding Members (Video)

Video of a panel about the Founding Members of the Forest City Gallery. The audio is a bit spotty. You may have to turn up your speakers to hear some of the conversation. [Video provided by Mark Favro]